The Skyentists 038 – Always was, always will be

Today Kirsten and me have released the Episode 38 of our science communication podcast “The Skyentists”. You can listen it here:

or use your favourite podcast platform (check links here).

The details of this episode are:

In today’s episode of The Skyentists, astronomers Kirsten Banks and Ángel López-Sánchez talk about Australian Aboriginal Astronomy. Kirsten provides a general overview of the importance that Astronomy has always had on Earth’s longest-living culture: Australian Aboriginal people. In particular, she discusses how Aboriginal Australians draw constellations in the sky: connecting stars (as usually done in Western civilisations), using just single, bright stars like Arcturus, but also considering the “dark areas” of the Milky Way for creating “dark constellations”, such as the “Emu in the Sky”. Precisely the long, dark, Australian Aboriginal constellation “Emu in the Sky” (that crosses from the Coal Sack dark nebula in the Southern Cross to the Galactic Center in Sagittarius) is our “What’s Up!” for this episode. For Space News, Ángel talks again about the problem of the light pollution, this time not only from the perspective of Astronomy, but also environmental, our health, the impact in flora and fauna, and its useless waste of energy (=money). For this, The Skyentists invite everybody to participate in the citizen science project lead by The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance aiming to measure the light pollution of our cities and towns this Sunday, 21st June 2020. Kirsten brings a very interesting new result combining two independent works about Titan in Saturn. They also answer some questions and provide some extra feedback about the previous episode. More in two weeks!

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