El Lobo Rayado

My English webpage, originally a blog named “The Lined Wolf”, was thought to be an English adaption of the Spanish blog El Lobo Rayado, one of the very first blogs fully dedicated to Astrophysics and Astronomy written by a Spanish astrophysicist. El Lobo Rayado was created in 2003, while I was starting my PhD thesis at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC, Canary Islands Institute for Astronomy, Spain), although the first post was written on 24 February 2004.

I chose the title of El Lobo Rayado for my blog about Astronomy because in that moment I was analyzing a very interesting class of starburst galaxies, the so-called Wolf-Rayet galaxies. A bad translation from English to Spanish of Wolf (which means Lobo) and Rayet (which does not have a translation into Spanish, but it sounds like Lined, in Spanish it is Rayado) seemed a very original title for a blog about Astronomy, furthermore considering that then I was spending a lot of time analyzing optical spectra of galaxies showing many emission lines.

I still continue writing in El Lobo Rayado and, indeed, both The Lined Wolf and El Lobo Rayado are complementary. I’m using The Lined Wolf to publicize my own research (in English) and explain the scientific papers I’m publishing, as well as advertise all the outreach and science communication activities I do in English (mainly in Australia), while in El Lobo Rayado I’m discussing (in Spanish) astronomical news, observations and beautiful images, for which usually there is a lot of information in English but not in Spanish, as well as my outreach and science communication activities in Spanish.

If you speak and/or read Spanish, you’re very welcome to visit El Lobo Rayado or my other blog, “Universo Rayado“, in any moment to read my comments about the most interesting news about Astronomy and Astrophysics and to know which kind of outreach activities I perform in my native language.

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