I’m a passionate science communicator with the skills of both a professional astrophysicist and an amateur astronomer.

I’m happy to provide expert opinion and analysis on Astronomy and Astrophysics and related topics to the media. This includes not only the results from my own research in star-forming galaxies and the research conducted at the Australian Astronomical Optics and the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the Macquarie University, but also science press releases from other institutions/universities, general questions about Astronomy, details of specific astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, comets or meteor showers, and science policy.

I’m an international expert on these fields of Astronomy:

  • Star-formation in galaxies
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Chemical evolution of galaxies
  • Star-formation in the Milky Way
  • Galactic Nebulae
  • Massive stars (such as Wolf-Rayet stars)
  • Multiwavelength studies of the Universe
  • Large galaxy surveys
  • Use of large telescopes and radiotelescopes

Furthermore, I can provide up-to-date and reliable information about:

  • The Solar System (including the Sun, planets, satellites, comets, asteroids and more)
  • Exoplanets
  • Stellar Evolution (including exotic bodies such as pulsars and black holes)
  • Dark matter and dark energy, and the accelerating Universe
  • Gravitational waves and multi-messenger Astronomy
  • Evolution of the Universe and Cosmology
  • History of Astronomy
  • Astronomical ephemeris
  • Stargazing (what you can see in the sky in a particular night)
  • Use of amateur telescopes and astronomical equipment
  • Space exploration

Please do not hesitate in contacting me if you want to talk to me about any of these topics.

You can also follow me in Twitter at @El_Lobo_Rayado or in Facebook.

Interview at The Sunday Telegraph (Sydney), 27 November 2011, “Where night stars are the real show in Coonabarabran”.

Interview in local newspaper in Melbourne, 12 May 2012.

Interview at The Sun Parramatta Holroyd (Sydney, Australia), 6 March 2013, “North Parramatta’s stellar partnership”, with the Director and science teachers at North Parramatta Baptist School.

Contraportada in Diario Córdoba, 8 December 2008.