I’m a passionate astrophotographer. During all my life I’ve been taking images of the sky. Of course the photos I took in my teen and university years are in film and slides, I hope I would eventually digitize some of them. But since 2007, immediately after completing my PhD thesis, I got a digital camera for astrophotography, and everything changed.

Some of my best astrophotos are compiled in the Amateur Astronomy Album on my Flickr, but many (particularly those taken in recent years using my CANON EOS 5D Mark III) are not there yet.

The majority of these astrophotos have been taken at Siding Spring Observatory (see my best photos of SSO here) while I was working as a support astronomer of the Anglo-Australian Telescope.

You can also enjoy my astronomy timelapses videos, please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to use any of my photos or videos.

I have also produced plenty of beautiful images using data collected in professional telescopes, sometimes even combining data from space telescopes (Hubble Space Telescope, Spitzer IR Space Telescope, GALEX) or radiotelescopes (ATCA, VLA). You can see some of these images in my Professional Astrophotography Album on my Flickr (although eventually I should create a page here with all of that too).

Milky Way over SSO

The Southern Cross and the Pointers

The Emu over the AAT

Perseids 2016 over Teide Observatory / Perseidas 2016 sobre el Observatorio del Teide

The Milky Way over the AAT

Sequence of the Total Solar Eclipse 2012

Vertical Milky Way over the AAT / Vía Láctea vertical sobre el AAT

Tránsito de Venus 2012

The Moon occults Saturn II: Saturn reappears

Mosaico de la Vía Láctea

Jupiter and the Moon

M 83 from SSO

The Trifid Nebula from Sydney