The Phases of the Moon

The phases of the Moon

Combination of 8 images taken during January and March 2019 showing different phases of the Moon.

These images, with many more not shown here, are part of a educational exercise conducted with my son, Luke, who was 6 years old then (Year 1), and who actually took all the photos.

Each image combines ~150 frames, all taken with my Skywatcher Black Diamond 80mm, f/7.5, using my CANON EOS 5D Mark III at primary focus, from Freshwater, Sydney.

The data were stacked using the free Lynkeos software, and then processed with Photoshop to increase the shadows/highlights, correct colour, smart sharpen for getting a better contrast of the craters, and luminosity.

One of these images has been used in the article published in ABC Science today discussing the discovery of water in the surface of the Moon by the SOFIA observatory.

Credit: Luke López Planells (Year 1, Manly West Primary School) & Ángel R. López-Sánchez (Australian Astronomical Optics, Macquarie University).

Full resolution image in my Flickr.

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