Wide field view around the Lagoon and the Trifid nebulae


The Trifid Nebula (M20), with its pink (left) and blue (right) colours, is at the center. The Lagoon Nebula (M 8) is at its left. Very close to M20 is the open cluster M21, almost in the very center of the image. The faint nebula IC 4685 is also seen over M 8. The open cluster M23 is located at the bottom right corner (this cluster has a similar size to the full moon in the sky). The diffuse nebula IC 1283 is located at the top right, in the middle of a dark cloud.

CANON EOS 5D Mark III with a Tamrom 200mm lens, 15 x 5 minutes exposure at f/2.8 and ISO 800.

Piggyback using my old mount, battery powered but very well polar-aligned, no autoguiding.

Full processed with Photoshop.

Siding Spring Observatory, Coonabarabran (NSW, Australia), 19 September 2017.

Full resolution image in my Flickr.

Credit: Ángel R. López-Sánchez (AAO-MQ).

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