Astrophotos and Seasons in Macquarie University’s “The Lighthouse”

Yes, I know this is another auto-publicity post, but that is also a way for me to keep track of all my appearances in media / news.

Today I’m very happy to share that my images and my… comments about the real (astronomical) beginning of the seasons  have appeared in this article of Macquarie University’s online newsletter “The Lighthouse”.

The Lighthouse” is the online Macquarie University‘s Newsletter that aims to  showcase of world-changing research news, expert comment and data-backed opinion. 

I want to thank Virginia Tressider for preparing this beautiful article in a very short time. I hope that many of these articles will come in the nearby feature.

One response to “Astrophotos and Seasons in Macquarie University’s “The Lighthouse”

  1. We just started summer in the northern hemisphere. You might enjoy my solstice-to-solstice time-exposure. Lots of high-tech equipment was used. 🙂

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