My astro photos in ABC Breakfast News

Following the citizen science project aiming to raise consciousness of the increasing problem of the light pollution, as well as performing the Guinness World Records ™ Official Attempt for “Most users to take an online environmental sustainability lesson in 24 hours”, meteorologist, science communicator and TV presenter Nate Byrne has shared this morning some of my astronomical images in the ABC Breakfast Show.

 Nate Byrne talking about my astronomical images in today’s ABC Breakfast News. You can see the high-resolution image Nate is showing on my webpage and on my Flickr.

I’m extremely excited about all of this, and I really want to thank Nate for showing my images.

Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t watch the show, and it is not available on iView. I’m trying to get the screenshots of the other images that Nate shared today to include them here.

2 responses to “My astro photos in ABC Breakfast News

  1. Great outreach work, Ángel.

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