Amateur Astrophotography from Siding Spring Observatory in March 2020

OK, I’m trying something different here today.

Instead of just providing the link to the Twitter thread, I’m compiling all the tweets I sent about my amateur astronomy session at Siding Spring Observatory last night, 1st March 2020, while finally testing my new equipment (mount and cameras) from a dark place.

The Twitter thread starts here.

Preparing my telescopes for playing tonight 😉

2 responses to “Amateur Astrophotography from Siding Spring Observatory in March 2020

  1. Is there a post that explains/details some of the terms and procedures?

    I assume serious amateurs already know all of this, but someone who might be interested in starting out (dipping one’s toes, as it were) is immediately lost and diverted to searching individual components and software without really knowing the how and why they are used together. Meaning, you can find out what each item does without understanding the operation of the aggregate.

    Don’t spend much time answering; if you have a post already written, great, otherwise don’t worry about it. Thanks.

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