Pocket guide to the Moon

It’s 50 years! since Humans first put our feet on the Moon. For celebrating this achievement, ABC released a special “Stargazing ABC” show, Moon and Beyond. Hosted by Professor Brian Cox and Julia Zemiro, and with the participation of Greg Quicke and Prof. Tamara Davis, the show revisited what the Apollo mission meant, imagine future space exploration, checked what takes to become an astronaut, and investigated Australia’s space agency.

I was invited to be part of the live audience for this show, that was recorded on the 24th of June. It has been my very first time attending a TV show recording… that was quite interesting. If you watch the show you’ll see me from time to time sit in the very first row 🙂

In parallel to all of this, ABC has also released a “Pocket guide to the Moon“. Narrated by my friend and colleague Prof. Fred Watson, it is a guided tour of the Apollo sites, stunning lava plains and craters that dot the lunar surface.

Both my son and me have participated in the “Pocket guide to the Moon” providing some of the Moon images that are included there, as during this year we have been compiling many shots of the Moon in different phases with my telescope. And we both are in the credits, of course!

Luke was very excited about it, and so was I!


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