Podcast “Astronomía para Principiantes” in SBS radio Australia in Spanish

Since the beginning of 2016 I collaborate with  SBS Radio Australia en español (SBS Radio Australia in Spanish) with a section about Astronomy. The idea came from the journalist Anna Sagristà who, after interviewing me for the section “Latinos in Australia” (*), invited me to have an informal conversation of ten minutes about some Astronomy facts of interesting news.

That was the birth of “Astronomía para Principiantes” (Astronomy for Beginners), a monthly section on SBS Radio Australia in Spanish, that I also upload as a podcast in iVoox.

It is redundant to say that this podcast is in Spanish, but it is conducted in Australia, and that is why I think it is convenient I talk about it in this blog, as one of the many science communication activities I do in this country.

With the return of Anna to Spain in mid-2016, it is my friend the journalist Rocío Otoya who has been conducting the section.

Astronomy for Beginners is usually released on the last Sunday of every month.
The most recent episode (number 31) was aired on Sunday, 31st March 2019 and it was dedicated to the Milky Way and its “weight”. However, on my iVoox channel I have uploaded so far only to Episode 23 (ApP23: The Blue Blood Supermoon, January 28, 2018). I’ll be uploading the rest of episodes during the next weeks.

Besides publicizing this science communication podcast in Australia, I’m compiling here the list with all the episodes of “Astronomía para Principiantes” that are published in iVoox:

I added one of the “special episodes” on the first detection of gravitational waves, I should upload the other two that we recorded (one on “Estrella Cervantes” and the aforementioned interview on the SBS section “Latinos in Australia”).

I will update this entry when I publish new episodes.

I hope you like it! Some English-speakers have told me they use it for practicing their Spanish, which is always a good thing!

(*) I am not responsible for the title given to this interview …

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