Visions of a Total Lunar Eclipse within clouds

DP ENGLISH: This story belongs to the series “Double Post” which indicates posts that have been written both in English in The Lined Wolf and in Spanish in El Lobo Rayado.

DP ESPAÑOL: Esta historia entra en la categoría “Doble Post” donde indico artículos que han sido escritos tanto en español en El Lobo Rayado como en inglés en The Lined Wolf.

Last night half of the world (Eastern Asia, Australasia, Pacific and the Americas) enjoyed a total lunar eclipse. Again clouds were moving around over Sydney during all the day, I actually see the moon rising in the evening and in just few minutes moving into the clouds. The sky was almost completely covered when the eclipse started, at around 20:15 local time. I was fearing that, as it happened with the partial solar eclipse visible in Sydney last 29th April, I would not be able to get any useful image of the eclipse.

In any case, as I did for the occultation of Saturn by the Moon last May, I set up my telescope in the backyard and prepared everything for taking some photos of the event. Although I followed the eclipse almost completely, the clouds only allowed me to get good images in three occasions. These are the results:

Visions of a Total Lunar Eclipse within clouds.
8 October 2014 from Sydney. Data obtained using Telescope Skywatcher Black Diamond D = 80 mm, f = 600 mm, with a CANON EOS 600D at primary focus. The Red Moon compiles 40 frames taken at 1/3 s & ISO 800. Stacking using Lynkeos software, final processing with Photoshop. Credit: Á.R.L-S. (AAO/MQ)

It is not too much but I hope you like it. I will wait for the next total lunar eclipse to try to get the time-lapse sequence of all the event.

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