Timelapse of the Total Solar Eclipse

Last week I shared some of the images I obtained during the Total Solar Eclipse on 13 / 14 November 2012. It was observed from the Mulligan Highway, 44 km south of Lakeland, Queensland Australia. After spending a weekend playing with the raw frames, I ended up with this timelapse video, which shows all the sequence of the eclipse.

Timelapse video of the Total Solar Eclipse on 13 / 14 Nov 2012. The direct link to YouTube is here. Credit: Ángel R. López-Sánchez (Australian Astronomical Observatory / Macquarie University, Agrupación Astronómica de Córdoba / Red Andaluza de Astronomía).

The video combines 1203 individual frames obtained while the eclipse was happening. As before, I used my refractor Skywatcher telescope, 80 mm aperture and 600 mm focal, and my digital camera CANON EOS 600D at primary focus. For all partial phases but the totality I used a solar filter which blocks the 99.9997% of the incident light. The approximate field of view of the video is 2ºx1º. I usually took a frame each 6 seconds, but sometimes I triggered many consecutive images to improve the quality of the final photo of that moment. The music is the theme “WorldBuilder” written by Fran Solo and included in Epic Soul Factory Xpansion Edition.

2 responses to “Timelapse of the Total Solar Eclipse

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  2. Helio ti all.
    I was on Feb 23th 1980 un Voi, Kenya,
    for a total Sun eclipse And wad wanderfull. I can asure that the imagen shows in this time lapso are real.
    The crown while Sun was hided behind
    the Moon is a magic visión that only a few people can enjoy.
    Regards to all Nature’ s Lovers

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